7 things NOT to do during a DUI arrest in Collin County

The most advisable thing to do after downing a few bottles of liquor is to not even think about getting behind the wheel. Besides the prospect of getting caught and probably facing DUI charges and getting your car impounded, a lot of things are at stake, and that includes your own life.

However, if you happen to make the mistake of driving yourself home intoxicated and, in the process are pulled over by a police officer, there are ways you are expected to conduct yourself to avoid making your situation worse. This article discusses some of the most stupid things motorists do in a bid to avoid getting arrested, most of which come to haunt them later during trial.

1.     Not hiring a lawyer

A great deal of drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence in Collin County do not ask to speak to an attorney. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a DUI arrestee. Without a DUI lawyer by your side, your rights could be easily violated, and you could make mistakes that will only strengthen the charges against you.

2.     Trying to talk your way out

Before being arrested, you will be read your Miranda rights, which inform you of your right to remain silent. Do not feel compelled to explain yourself because it won’t make any difference. If anything, you are likely to spill information that will only weaken your defense.

3.     Being rude

Being disrespectful towards the police while being arrested may force the officers to use excessive force against you. Additionally, you could face separate charges that may leave you in a mess even if the DUI charges against you are eventually dismissed.

4.     Bribing the officer arresting you

This is perhaps the worst mistake you can make at a traffic stop. In all likelihood, you will be apprehended for trying to bribe an officer and driving while intoxicated. You have a little chance of pulling yourself out of the former.

5.     Running

You have to be a Formula One driver to outrun cops, but that is not even the big deal. Running away will only make your case worse as cops will think you are hiding something else such as drugs or a weapon.

6.     Making suspicious movements

Police officers are always alert and making sudden movements during a traffic stop would lead them to think you are reaching for a gun.

7.     Telling lies

The things you say at a traffic stop will be used against you during a trial. You can only tell the truth or just remain silent to avoid hurting your defense. Remaining silent is always the wiser choice.


A good lawyer can easily pull you out of a minor case of DUI or help to get the charges against you reduced to, say, reckless driving. It can, however, be difficult for even the smartest lawyer out there to be of help if you already messed up while being arrested. Use your right to remain silent and follow every order from the police until you get to speak to an attorney.