Auto Accidents – How to Take Care of the Strains and Sprains

The world is full of uncertainties. Auto accidents are the most uncertain things to happen. Some are lucky enough to survive or just saved with minor injuries while few others are not fortunate enough. They may have experienced major sprains or strains which can cripple them for a long time, even a lifetime. They are at loss of everything; family life, work life, social life.

In cities like Appleton, Wisconsin, over 20 percent of healthcare services are twice the national average price. This may put additional mental compression, along with physical pain. Claiming the compensation from the defendant, by seeking an advice from Appleton personal injury lawyer is one way to lower your mental stress. But that is, of course, a secondary thing to do; the primary thing is how to take care of yourself or your injured friend who got serious sprains or strains in an accident.

First preliminary care at home

  • Put ice or cold pack on the sore area, as soon as possible, for at least 10-20 minutes. This is needed to put away any swelling. You can try this every 1 to 2 hours, for around 3 days or until the swelling goes away.
  • Support you sprained or strained arm or leg with a pillow, whenever you ice it or sit or lie down.
  • Try to keep the injured part higher than the level of your heart, to help in reducing the swelling.
  • In case of heavy pain, a general painkiller can be taken, as per direction on the pack.
  • Do not attempt any exercise or movement that could worsen the pain.
  • Show up at your doctor if the swelling or pain continues for more than 5 days.
  • Do exercises as directed by your doctor or physiotherapist.
  • Use the sling, splint, brace, or immobilizer, exactly as directed.
  • Slowly get back to your usual level of activity.

Sprain Injuries in an auto crash

Sprain injuries are damage to ligaments (connecting tissues that stretch around the joint and connects one bone to another). In medical terms, the sprain injuries are categorized under “grades”, based on the severity of the injury. This further depicts the treatment and time frame for a sprain to get healed.

  • Grade 1 sprains

It is a light stretching of the ligament, with little damage to it. The victim may experience a limited mobility, for a temporary period.

  • Grade 2 sprains

This involves at least partial tearing to the ligament. A scan can clearly show the extent of tearing. The joints in grade 2 sprains somewhat become unstable and take a longer time to heal than with Grade 1 sprains. The doctor may advise a surgery to ensure proper healing of the ligament.

  • Grade 3 sprains

It causes extremely limited mobility due to tearing up of a ligament in two segments. There is a high state of instability and it often requires surgery.

Strain Injuries in an auto crash

Sprain injuries are the damage to muscles and tendons (structures that attach muscle to bone and aids in the movement of the body part with the help of muscle). In an auto accident, back and neck are usually the most common parts to get strained. Pain, swelling of the parts, weakness of muscle, difficulty in flexing the injured part and muscle spasms are the common symptoms of strained muscle or tendons. Seek an advise of a medical practitioner if the problem persists even after a prolonged icing, compression and rest.

The strain and sprain injuries make you miss your work time, cost you heavy medical bills and induce a heavy pain or suffering. Remember, you can claim your rightful compensation by filing the case under Wisconsin state laws and lower the burden of the injury.