Coming Across The Car Market Report from American Federal Auto

Whether buying a car with cash or obtaining a car loan is an ideal choice? The question is bit controversial since millions of car buyers now prefer approaching their banker or acquire support of the auto dealer’s financers’ and complete a deal. According to many business persons that it’s pointless to invest the entire money at a time rather than paying through installments with interest is a better idea, On the contrary, people who are basically cash buyers support their views of cash buying since a cash purchase typically offers wider room to negotiate price and help fetch a fabulous cash discount which is a great saving. As per the report of the major auto dealer company American Federal Auto having its corporate office in SC, the US that quite a large number of their car buyers get financial facility through their partnered banks,  workplace or other financial institutions. However, the number of cash buyers is also remarkably high. Especially, customers intended to buy used or pre-owned cars, pay in cash since that benefits them with extra price discount on its second sale price.

In this regard the financial experts say that buying a car in cash is definitely a great choice especially for the people who can invest.

View Points of American Federal Auto On This

Loss of Cash Discount

It has been established that auto industry attract customers as well as higher traffic due to its financial offer schemes that sounds appealing to potential buyers. Due to high market competition, even though, very often car dealers come with zero percent offer schemes, however, one thing people overlook that these offers are typically made on higher MRSPs. Additionally, they loss cash discount which can be a considerable amount if proper negotiation is made.

No tax benefit

If you’ve ever obtained a mortgage loan on your residential property or acquired a student loan you must be aware all these loans enable you to tax rebate. Nonetheless, when it comes to purchasing car, this kind of tax deduction is not available on auto loans.

Drain your finance

While obtaining a car loan obligates you to pay EMI every month constantly for 3-5 years; just consider how you could utilize that money if you never opted for the loan. Other than a good saving for retirement time or you could have afford a better home with that money.

Apart from the above, there are numbers of factors which establish that cash buying is highly beneficial.


Even with these facts and figures, the market experts of American Federal Auto group say that the number of car buyers on financing schemes is ever increasing. According to them that even if cash buying is money-making, loan market is always the first choice to individuals from middle class society which returns a large scale sale every year. Based in Summerville SC the Auto dealer company is focused to offer its customers with high quality branded and luxury brand new and pre-used cars. For those interested to know about its car inventory in real time, are welcome to study the company website.