Don Forman of Las Vegas: A Man With A Heart

Turning on to the news is a rather daunting task nowadays as all we can see from various news outlets – crimes from left and right, fires, accidents, and so many more. These times, we can really use the help of superheroes. Fortunately, the world is not devoid of people who are willing to be a hero in their own ways though. Lucky for us, we have real-life Tony Starks walking amongst us and although they don’t have super suits, they do have a generous hand – such people are Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

For some, they believe that helping others is good because it results in good karma or where one could benefit a lot materially. However, for Don Forman, a philanthropist from Las Vegas, giving help to people who are in need is neither all about the sole feeling of satisfaction nor the amount of taxes saved when he lends a hand. Rather, it is just all about giving hope to others.

Don Forman is known as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has made big contributions to Fox 5’s Surprise Squad for years by sponsoring Fox 5’s segment to give surprises as well as a big helping hand to people who are in dire need of help.

On top of that, he even used his car company as an advantage to give help to people from the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas where more than 50 people were killed and over 500 victims were badly wounded. He helped them by giving them free rides for volunteers who donated blood for the victims and even encouraged others to donate blood as well. He has also given immeasurable help to countless people from around the globe.

For others, he or she may feel very satisfied at the end of the day due to the amount of help that he or she has given just like what Forman has done to a lot of people. However, the philanthropist thinks that such feeling does not matter the most. Instead, what matters most is giving hope to those who feel helpless. And that help that he provided is just something to give strength to people to keep moving forward.

Forman is just one of many philanthropists that walk the earth and we are very happy to have them around. In a world where we don’t have superheroes, we can at least safely say that there are generous people who are always willing to lend a helping hand to those who are in dire need.

About Don Forman and Behind His Acts of Goodness:

Don Forman has been showing moving and empowering gestures along with Fox5 Surprise Squad for years. TheFox5 Surprise Squad’s team is consists of several skilled personalities who are working as the camera and reporter crew. They air philanthropy films on the Internet, showing kindness to people who are well-deserved of receiving gifts. Don Forman participates in the Surprise Squad’s gifting program. Millions have watched this videos on Youtube and hundreds have received amazing gifts since the start of their mission.