Driving With Dogs- Should You Take Your Pet On A Car Trip?

Dogs are closely related to wolves, and therefore, they love outdoor activities. In the wild, the Australian Dingo is known to hunt animals fondly. So, your pet dog has some of those traits, and it can be fun to have them for a long car trip. Traveling with your dog in a private car may seem like a breezy thing, which sadly isn’t the case. Many pet owners don’t take enough precautions as needed, which can lead to serious consequences.

The first drive

Before you take the dog for his first drive, you have to consider a few things. Do you have a young and hyperactive dog? If yes, you have to walk the dog long enough to get him tired. This must be done right before the drive. Does the dog drool or pant a lot? Some dogs do that a lot more other others, and in that case, you will need a car seat cover. The car seat cover is also helpful in keeping pet dander at bay. Panting is often a sign of exhaustion, so don’t take the dog along, unless the air conditioning system of the car is working at its best. Is the dog prone to motion sickness? If yes, you will need a few medicines. Consult a good vet and take his suggestion on how you can make the journey better for the animal.

Get a dog harness

When it comes to dog car safety, nothing beats a car harness. Many pet owners also get crates and carriers, but sadly, most dogs don’t enjoy contained spaces. You can check online to find good harnesses like AllSafe Car Dog Harness, and there are many portals, where some of these have been reviewed, as well. Make sure that the harness fits your dog perfectly. Do NOT buy a size smaller than what the animal may need.

Other aspects

When you take your dog in a car, you have to be careful about hydration. Replace the good old dry food with wet pouches, which are certainly handy and have a good amount of water content. For longer trips, take at least a few stops, so that the animal can get rest. Do not feed your dog for short trips, and make sure that the quantity is lower than what you would give otherwise. A walk in between longer trips can help pooches in expending their energy.

Check online now to find more about dog car safety!