How Frequently Do You Need To Change Oil In Mercedes-Benz Car

Oil change is one of the major requirements to ensure high efficiency and performance in any vehicle. The frequency of oil change depends on the type of vehicle that one drives. If you have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, then these guidelines will definitely equip you with the right knowledge about change in the oil.

Get help from the owner’s manual

It is a good practice to consult owner’s manual to ensure that the best care of the vehicle is taken. Oil change should be in accordance to the specification of the used Mercedes Benz model. Checking owner’s manuals will tell you the right time to change the oil in your vehicle. Vehicles require oil change after every 3,000 miles or three months. As newer engines models are very much cleaner, it requires oil change in every ten thousand miles.

Signs that you need an oil change

See or Smell Exhaust

A vehicle with improved designs of the engine and efficient catalytic converters would not emit visible exhaust. If you can see or smell exhaust when the vehicle is running, then this could be an indication of a problem. This could imply that the oil has got old or impure. In such a case, an oil change is desirable to eliminate this problem.

Noisy Engine

If you find that your engine is giving an unusually loud noise, then it should not be ignored. One of the reasons for it could be bad quality oil. Changing the oil can help you get rid of such strange sounds.

Your machine is crackling

A clogged or jammed oil filter could be the reason behind sputtering of the vehicle’s engine. This type of performance issue needs a trip to an authorized mechanic.

Taking assistance of a car maintenance company

To keep your vehicle in a proper running state, one should take a service appointment at the authorized Mercedes-Benz servicing companies. Expert inspection and assistance offered by the qualified technicians will provide the best routine maintenance of your vehicle. Some of the important services that are offered by them include oil changes, brake adjustments, muffler or exhaust repair, tire balance, electrical service, tire replacement, tire rotation, etc.


It is required to know the frequency to change oil in your Mercedes-Benz. Being informed will prevent any risk of damage to the engine of vehicle that can prove to be highly expensive and inconvenient than performing change in oil.