The Importance of Bulletproof Car in VIPs Protection

The 21st century has seen much advancement in technology which has led to great innovations in every sphere of life. One of these innovations is seen in the automobile industries which have evolved so much from the horse-drawn carriage to cars running with automated engines using high horsepower. This advancement in technology has given birth to bulletproof cars.

Bulletproof cars are ideal for VIPs, and celebrities who desire privacy and protection from the prying eye and the imperfect world. Thus, VIPs usually go for armored cars such as Troy Armoring vehicles because of the privacy and safety it guarantees.

This production of the armored car was initially for the military and other securities organs, but manufacturers are designing, manufacturing and assembling these vehicles for individuals who desire utmost safety from all forms of attack. These individuals belong to the rich and powerful of the society.

Features of a bulletproof vehicles

Modern CAD/CAM technology is employed in the production of the armored car. The glazed shades which replace the normal glasses are composed of sandwiched glass, polyvinyl butyl, glass, polyurethane, and polycarbonate.

  • Ballistic reinforcement

The body panel which consists of the door and body is made up of ballistic nylon and para-aramid fiber sheets. This makes the body panel strong thus giving it effective protection against explosion and all forms of ammunition rounds.

  • Sealed passenger compartment

This compartment, usually made of heat resistance armor steel, multi illuminated glass, and aramid fabric. These materials are of high quality thus producing very strong compartment that can withstand any kind of attack either firing or explosion.

  • All side is armored

The front, roof, floor, rare doors, sidewalls, and the wheels wells are all armored. This helps protect the cars from all sides. The armored sides ensure effective and efficient shield from bullets, grenade attack, and bombs attack.

  • Unhindered enter and exit

It is designed to have a secret exit which allows for easy escape of the rider when faced with the highest level of threat.

The importance of bulletproof cars

The last few decades have seen armoring of vehicles for the sole use of important people such as politicians and celebrities. This is used for personal safety and protection.

#1: Protecting oneself

There is always a chance for VIPs to get harm even when in the company of convoys of security heads. The bulletproof cars protect one’s own life thus helping important persons feel safe.

#2: Protecting the car

A bulletproof vehicle takes long before it can be damaged. It cannot be damaged easily even after many rounds of bullet and grenades.

#3: Providing privacy

The persons sitting down in an armored vehicle cannot be seen from the outside. This is due to the tinted glass which gives complete privacy to the occupant of the vehicle.