The insurance you didn’t know you needed

Given the hassle that searching for the right car insurance policy can entail, you might like to think that the whole question of whether you are adequately coveredwill be settled as soon as you take out the policy. However, this isn’t always borne out in reality, as gaps in coverage become evident.

Many insurance policies can each come with a long list of terms and conditions so intricate that you might have readily skipped reading them thoroughly. Here is why that can prove a big mistake…

The rule of three… or four… or five…

Even attempting to select from mainstream flavors of car insurance can rather feel like a minefield. One good case in point is the plight of drivers in the UK, where car insurance policies are divided into the three main categories of third party only; third party, fire and theft; and “fully comp”.

Legally, you need at least third party cover to drive on UK roads – but, as the “bare bones” option of the three insurance categories, it has many gaps. While other people who fall victim to an accident for which you might have been responsible will be financially catered for, the cover won’t stretch to funding repairs for your vehicle, as would be the case with the highest tier option, “fully comp”.

This situation might lead you to plump for “fully comp” cover out of a comforting belief that, whatever you have to shell out for the policy, at least you will be protected on all counts… right? Sadly, this might not entirely be the case, the British news site The Sun reveals.

Where comprehensive cover isn’t quite comprehensive after all

There is no denying that,befitting its name, comprehensive cover has a broad reach. Using this cover can enable you to make financial amends for damaging your car or injuring yourself – even if you are judged to be at fault for the accident that gave rise to these inconveniences.

In poring over the terms and conditions of a comprehensive policy, you might notice glaring gaps. Not that these gaps could be so obvious to everyone, as different people can value different degrees of coverage. For example, if your current vehicle is prone to breakdowns, you could baulk at an absence of breakdown cover – a form of cover often offered as an optional extra.

Fortunately, you might not have to look too far to find an insurance company capable of making such cover a standard inclusion with motor insurance. Take account of the British broker Call Wiser, which throws free breakdown cover into each motor insurance package at no extra charge.

Meanwhile, if your car is damaged beyond timely repair, your heart could sink as you realize how much you usually depend on that vehicle for daily commuting. Another extra not included as standard with even “fully comp” cover is that which funds the provision of a courtesy car. You would be allowed to use this vehicle while waiting for your usual one to be repaired.