Valuation of Certified Used Cars in Bangalore: Tips to Get the Best Price

Certified used cars seem the Holy Grail for a car buyer on a tight budget. These cars are evaluated and inspected by experts beforehand. If you are on a tight budget and you would like to buy, knowing how the valuation of certified used cars in Bangalore is done might help. Here’s a primer.

You may save in the range of 25 percent

Compared to the price of a new car, a certified used car would cost you about 25 percent less. If you are going for a four-year old model, it would cost you even less. The best part is that you can now buy these cars through authorized dealers that pre-negotiate the price with the sellers so that buyers do not need to face the hassles of negotiating the price with the sellers.

Dealers follow manufacturer-specific checklists for evaluating certified used cars

Although authorized dealers (and by that, we mean non-brand independent dealers) have their own checklists, they follow the manufacturer-defined checklists in most cases. In fact, that’s the reason why top automobile brands authorize these dealers. So a dealer check is almost equivalent to manufacturer check, although the issuing authority is different, as you can assume.

Other factors that the dealers check

While a vehicle inspection program of any reputable dealer entails all the checking pints, including engine, suspension and exteriors, the dealers also check market conditions, environmental regulations and other factors before negotiating the price with the sellers. For example, a recent verdict from the Supreme Court of India has made a certain type of engine obsolete. Vehicles with these engines might cost much less, but you have to change the engine later.

Check with a dealer if you are not sure whether you are getting the most competitive price.