Who Should Buy Honda Grazia?

Honda Grazia was launched in November 2017 in India. The scooter comes with new many segments features. The scooter is modern and aimed at the youth and urban dwellers.

It provides convenience and power all-together. It is the Seventh scooter by Honda in India. It is based on the Activa 125.Their engine is both 124.9cc producing 8.5 bhp and 10.5 Nm of torque. The Grazia has received some awesome upgrade in its appearance.

The body is made up of plastic, and it is 1KG lighter than the Activa 125. It weighs 107 kg. Its fuel tank is 5.3 liter. It uses Hondas Combi Braking System which applies to both the brakes. The front tyres are 12-inch and tubeless while the rear gets a 10-inch tubeless tyre.

The Honda gets angular lines and a new wide headlamp. The headlamp is all-LED. The front nose is now sharper and gets brushed silver plastic inserts. The scooter is available in six colours.

The scooter has many other features which include; 3-step eco mode indicator that helps in improving the fuel efficiency of the scooter. The Honda Grazia is the only scooter to get an all-digital console and a tachometer. It also has a separate display which houses the trip meter, the clock, odometer, and the fuel gauge.

The Grazia also has a separate switch for unlocking the seat and a mobile holder. The mobile holder also gets an optional mobile charging socket. The Grazia has 18-L storage under the seat. Its mileage is about 50kmpl.

The price for the Grazia is 57,890.  It offers three variants which include; Standard, Alloy, and Deluxe. It competes up against Suzuki Access 125 and Vespa 125.

So who should buy Honda Grazia?

Honda Grazia is ideal for youths because of its exciting features. It has a high maximum speed with a mobile holder which has a mobile charging socket. It is also ideal to people in parcel business because it has an adequate storage space of 18L. This is great for storing parcels. Its fuel consumption is also great, and it can favor those who like driving long distance.

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