Why Selling Your Car for Cash is Eco-Friendly in Brisbane?

If you are an environment friendly individual and wonder what will happen to your car and in addition to this, you are getting nagged by your wife to get rid of the old and rusty car which no one wants to buy. The old rusting car in your garage is now costing you money and taking up much wanted space of your new car. Well if you are in one or all of these cases than the solution is clear. Premier Cash for Cars in Brisbane can help you.

We Pay Cash for Cars in Brisbane!

The solution is why not sell you unwanted, old or wrecked car for cash. While there are plenty of companies operating that are interested in old cars for the parts and metals. But these companies not necessarily operate on ecofriendly terms. But there are ecofriendly companies like ours that not only dispose of your car appropriately but also cars are dismantled in an environmentally responsible way and in the process of saving the environment you make money.

How does it work? 

The process is simple, the fluids are first drained from the car which includes, petrol, oil, antifreeze and other lubricants. Then the reusable parts are removed and cleaned to be resold in the market. Any parts that cannot be used will either be recycled or stored. And lastly, the chassis is fed into the crusher before ferrous and non-ferrous materials are sorted and melted.

Selling your scrap car for cash will pump cash back into the economy with the use of recycled materials. For the general consumer buying used auto parts tends to save a lot of money and in turn, reduce wastage and protect the environment by reducing the demand for new parts. This will not only reduce the production of these parts but also preserve fossil fuels and reduce the emission of harmful gasses. Statistics show that 14-year-old cars emit 19 times more smog. A mercury switch in a car at the end of its life cycle contains enough mercury to contaminate 20-acre land. Therefore, this makes it imperative that your car ends up disposed of in a correct manner. We at Premier Cash for Cars can help you dispose your car responsibly and get cash up to $$9999 in Brisbane!